Specialised Care

Our specialised care service

At Quorn Dental Practice and Implant Clinic, we strive to build an excellent reputation for providing high-quality patient-focused dental solutions.

Our expert team of caring dentists have accomplished very high accolades and qualifications which are recognised internationally. Therefore, making Quorn Dental Practice and Implant Clinic an exceptional referral centre, focusing on complex cases that may require particular attention.

Do you accept referrals from other practices?

Not only do we treat our own patient base but we welcome referrals from other practices as well as self referrals.

Do you offer finance?

Finance can be offered subject to terms and conditions.

How long are your waiting lists for specialist treatments?

Being a reputable practice within a small town, our waiting lists can often be popular. However, we endeavour to book consultations and treatments in a timely manner.

Endodontic Procedures

We provide exceptional endodontic treatment at Quorn Dental Practice and Implant Clinic.

Peridontal Procedures

Periodontics is the dental speciality focusing exclusively in the inflammatory disease that destroys the gums and other supporting structures around the teeth.

Orthodontic Procedures

Orthodontic treatment involves straightening or moving teeth to improve both appearance and functionality.

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