Flossing is something that everyone is encouraged to do, but there are not many of us who actually stick to a strict flossing routine. The advice from dental professionals is to floss your teeth twice daily, which is also how often you should be brushing your teeth.

Flossing will be even more important for those with braces or veneers, for example, so imagine how beneficial it can be for your dental hygiene if you don’t have braces or have undergone cosmetic dental treatments. If you are not sure about exactly why you should be flossing your teeth regularly, then here are five reasons why you should start today:

1. It maintains excellent oral hygiene

As already touched upon, flossing helps to maintain general oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice a day and in between meals is the minimum amount of effort required to maintain excellent oral health, so pairing that routine with flossing will do wonders for your mouth.

Not only does it stop food from becoming trapped and deteriorating your natural teeth, but it can also mitigate gum disease, keeping those as healthy as possible also. Flossing, when done in combination with regular brushing, is far more effective than brushing alone, which is reason enough to start flossing your teeth on a regular basis.

2. It helps to prevent the buildup of plaque & tartar

Plaque and tartar can increase your chances of developing gum disease and it settles and forms in the smallest of places, particularly in between the teeth. Flossing helps to keep those two substances at bay. In turn, your teeth will be stronger and the likelihood of your developing gum disease is heavily diminished.

By stopping the build up of plaque and tartar altogether, you won’t have to undergo treatment to have it removed further down the line. In addition to flossing, you should also attend a hygienist appointment regularly as this too helps to reduce the build up of plaque and tartar.

3. It can prevent bad breath

If you have food debris that is trapped in between your teeth, or that is hiding in gaps present, bacteria will be released over time, causing an unpleasant odour to develop. Flossing regularly will remove this food debris from the mouth, therefore reducing the likelihood of someone suffering with bad breath.

If, however, you still have bad breath after flossing regularly, you will need to see your dentist for a check up as there could be something else at play, such as gum disease, that will require treatment. This is something that we, here at Quorn Dental Practice and Implant Clinic, can offer – periodontal treatment.

4. It can protect against gum disease

We have already touched upon gum disease prevention and the reasons why flossing is so important if you want to keep it at bay, but why is this something you should take particular notice of? Gum disease can be extremely debilitating for oral health and hygiene. In severe cases, it can lead to a patient needing at least one root canal or even tooth extraction.

Removal of teeth can have even more damaging effects on the mouth, resulting in the weakening of the jawbone and sunken facial features. You can prevent all of this by making flossing a regular part of your dental hygiene routine. If you do need a root canal to be performed, then we have dedicated endodontists on hand here at Quorn Dental Practice and Implant Clinic who can carry out meticulous root canal procedures with excellent aftercare.

5. It can help to whiten the teeth

According to Oral B, flossing your teeth can make them appear whiter. This is because you’re removing food particles and other pieces of debris from your teeth, giving them a whiter appearance overall. However, if you are looking for faster, more effective teeth whitening solutions, then Quorn Dental Practice and Implant Clinic is pleased to offer cosmetic dental treatments, including teeth whitening. Those treatments will be carried out expertly by a highly-qualified, fully-trained dentist, ensuring you regain confidence in your smile.

Quorn Dental Practice and Implant Clinic is proud to offer a wide range of different dental treatments to patients throughout Loughborough and the surrounding areas. Whether you would like veneers fitted or would like a simple check up, you will be able to count on our highly-skilled team of dentists to help. For more information, get in touch with a member of our professional, friendly team today – we are always happy to hear from you.