Dentures, or false teeth as they are also referred to as, are an incredibly popular and effective solution to missing teeth. Where they are not suitable to replace one or two missing teeth, they are often chosen as a way of replacing entire rows of missing teeth, either along the top of the jawbone, along the bottom, or both. People might only associate dentures with those who are elderly, but that is not always the case.

There are many reasons as to why someone who is younger might need denture treatment, but regardless of why dentures are needed, it can cause issues with eating, drinking, talking and smiling. In addition, it can also have a negative impact on self-image and self-confidence. However, we have put together a few benefits of choosing to have dentures over other solutions, including the fact that they can restore your self-esteem discreetly.

1. You will be able to eat, talk & smile with confidence

If one requires dentures, it often means that they are missing rows of teeth, either on the top, the bottom or on both. With a lack of natural teeth, it makes eating, talking, drinking and smiling incredibly difficult. Also, it can lead to an issue with self-confidence if someone is missing teeth, especially at the front of their mouth.

This makes them more self-conscious when they smile or even when they talk. By opting for dentures in Loughborough as a solution to missing teeth, you will be able to restore your confidence in every way, from laughing and smiling to eating and drinking, no one will ever guess that you’re wearing dentures if you choose them to replace your natural teeth.

They are also very quick and simple to remove and put back in, so whether they need an adjustment or if you have some food stuck on them, the problem can be quickly rectified in private without anyone noticing. Regain some confidence and restore your self-esteem with a set of high-quality dentures in Loughborough from Quorn Dental Practice and Implant Clinic.

2. They will be bespoke to you, as an individual

Dentures should never be considered as a one-size-fits-all solution. If you are looking to have dentures fitted, you will need to visit your dentist a few times before they are actually made. This is because your dentist will want to understand your jaw structure and overall bone structure in your face to ensure that the dentures are the right size and to make sure that they will fit snuggly, but comfortably.

Dentures that do not fit properly can cause a wealth of issues. They can make eating more difficult, they will fall out while you are sleeping, they can slip when you are talking and they could even fall out if you bend down to pick something up, for example. The dentists at Quorn Dental Practice and Implant Clinic understand how important it is for patients to have a set of dentures that will fit them well, without the risk of them falling out or slipping out of place, whilst also being as comfortable as possible.

This is why dentures cannot be mass-produced and are instead tailor-made to each patient. With a set of well-fitting dentures that are also high-quality, you will never have to worry about them slipping or becoming loose for any reason, hence why they end up restoring your confidence all round.

3. It can reduce sagging facial muscles

You might notice that your facial muscles will start to sag if you are missing a considerable amount of teeth. This is because your jawbone weakens with the absence of teeth, but it also means that there isn’t any substantial support there anymore. This is why you will often notice people with sunken faces if they are missing teeth or if they don’t have their dentures in.

Dentures can transform the entire look and structure of your face, often making those who are older look far younger than they actually are. You will find that, with the reduction of facial sagging, your glasses will sit more comfortably and you will be less likely to catch the flesh on the inside of your mouth. You will also notice that your lips will look more full and you will find it easier to drink, especially without a straw.

4. They are easy to maintain

Dentures are incredibly easy to look after and maintain. Whilst dental implants and bridges are also a great solution to missing teeth, dentures have an advantage over those, because they can be removed and thoroughly cleaned. In fact, they are arguably easier to look after than natural teeth because you will be able to reach every crevice with complete ease.

While you will still need to make sure they are cleaned every day, they won’t require flossing, for example. You also won’t need to visit a hygienist or worry about tooth decay with a quality set of dentures. In comparison to natural teeth, or even dental implants, dentures are incredibly simple and easy to keep clean, mainly because they can be fully-removed from the mouth.

5. They are an effective way of replacing missing teeth whilst behaving in the same way as natural teeth

Dentures are a highly-popular dental solution to a complete lack of natural teeth. Usually, they are used to replace whole rows of teeth, either at the top of the jaw or the bottom. In some cases, there would be a need to replace both the top and bottom row of teeth using a complete set of dentures.

As we have already touched upon, dentures are made specifically to the patient’s mouth. This means that no one else, other than yourself, will be able to make use of your dentures. They are meticulously designed and manufactured to fit seamlessly to your jawbone structure. Their snug fit will enable you to continue to utilise your dentures as you would your natural teeth; everyone else would be none the wiser to your dental situation if you choose to have dentures in Loughborough.

Quorn Dental Practice and Implant Clinic is pleased to offer sterling dental treatments to customers throughout Loughborough and the surrounding areas, including providing you with high-quality, bespoke dentures. From veneers and other cosmetic dental treatments to orthodontics and periodontics, you will always be able to look to our team of highly-qualified, fully-trained dental specialists for unrivalled, meticulous dental treatments in Loughborough. If you would like further information about how we can help you today, get in touch with a member of our dedicated, professional team – we are always pleased to hear from you.